Chain Mail Gambeson

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 Gambeson is also called a Aketon or padded garment or arming doublet can be worn as Armour separately, or combined with chain mail or plate Armour. Gambeson were produced with a sewing technique called quilting usually constructed of linen or wool. The Gambeson can be used both as a complete Armour unto itself and underneath mail and plate in order to cushion the body and prevent chafing.

We offer large variety of Gambeson, Padded Arming cap & Legging in Cotton and Linen fabric suitable for your chain mail or plate armor. We also offer large variety of leather Gambason suitable for cold climate conditions. 

All our gambeson, legging, arming caps comes with multiple choice of fabric in color, choose from some of the most popular fabric colors i.e White, Black, Red, Green & Yellow.

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