Chainmail made of Solid Titanium, Brass and Aluminum wire fully customized

Aluminum Chain Mail

Light weight Aluminium Chain Mail products

Brass Chain Mail

Please explore our large variety of Chain Mail Hauberks, the most economical and widely accepted hand made maille product for re-enactment and LARP events. The Brass based chain mails are strong and also offer a look of rich viking. Can be used in light friendly battle OR as a party wear. If you have a design or a picture our maille specialists can assist in producing a right product using original brass rings. We offer butted, Round & Flat riveted chain mail products in Brass.

Product Sizing: We try hard to customize a size which is nearly a perfect fit for you, since this is a hand made product it is fair to say that there could be a scope of marginal difference even with 2 product of the same size.
Every Chain Mail Producer follow own style of measuring, we advise to keep at least 10 inches difference in the chest size which is clearly mentioned in our product description, on the "Overall Length from Shoulder" parameter we advise to keep at least 4 inches extra form what is mentioned on the listing. For Example our 40" length hauberk may end up 36-37" once the armor is ready.

Delivery: All our brass based product are made to order. This gives an advantage to the buyers to make adjustments/alterations from the beginning itself. Some of the product listings have been deliberately created to give idea on average pricing of a brass based product & specification. We take up to 5 weeks in production of brass based products and delivery 6th week.
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Titanium Chain Mail

We at AllbestStuff offer Custom-made titanium chainmail shirts created by our skillful artisans, we have all the necessary equipment to work with titanium. Titanium is a lightweight and durable metal, making it a suitable material for chainmail armor.

We use high quality Titanium Grade 2 to make our chainmail products.

The grade 2 titanium is one of the strongest and lightest metals available which provide medieval fighters maximum durability as it is highly corrosion resistant and require almost no maintenance.

It can easily survive in the most humid environment and in any weather condition. Titanium chain mail is very strong and light weight almost like wearing an aluminum chainmail, it is very comfortable and fully functional as warriors do not feel the extra weight in the battle field.

To create a custom titanium chainmail shirt, AllbestStuff follows the conventional steps which include:

Design and Measurements: Our highly personable staff will work with you to design the chainmail shirt according to your specifications. This includes determining the size, style, and pattern of the shirt, as well as any additional customization you may desire.

Assembly: AllbestStuff production team will then begin the process of weaving the titanium rings together using various chainmail techniques. This is a time-consuming process, as each ring needs to be carefully linked to the others to form a cohesive and flexible mesh hence we request your patience for up to 4 weeks production time.

Customization: Depending on your preferences, additional customization options can be incorporated into your titanium chainmail order. This may include adding decorative brass and aluminum elements, patterns, or even combining titanium rings with other materials, such as leather or fabric.

We are happy to discuss your Titanium chainmail project to ensure you get the top quality product.

Medieval Chain Mail Aluminum, Brass, TitaniumPrice Range (USD)Available Finish / Gauge / MMVisit Section
Aluminum Chain Mail HauberkBetween $30 to $450Original, Anodized, Antique / 16 / 9, 10Click Here
Brass Chain Mail ShirtBetween $300 to $600
Original, Lacquer / 16, 17/ 6,9,10
Click Here
Titanium Chain Mail ShirtsBetween $300 to $1800
Original Titanium / 18 / 9
Click Here

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