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Allbeststuff (ABS) Chain Mail Voiders, use it with your gambeson. All types of voider's available in popular Baron Grade, Knight OR Earl grade. Chain Mail voider's offers protection to lower and under arm area. Sewn over a cotton / Linen gambeson, the maille voiders fills up the exposed area below plate armor offering enhanced protection in the gaps under your plate armor. 

We offer both open arm voiders and closed chain mail arms available in large variety of the ring types and size, the popular ones are made in Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass & Titanium. 

Have your own measurement?
Let us know as handling time for custom maille voiders is also up to 3 weeks ** subject to availability of raw material.

Pictures of chain mail voider in the listing is projected in form of schematic for better understanding of measurements, visit our picture gallery to see actual photographs.

For any questions / queries, send us an email at

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