Padded Gambeson stitched with chainmail voider

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Mail Voiders also called Armpit maille is an essential part of protection of under arms & side of torso gaps which is generally not covered by the plate armor. The term voiders specifically meant to mean a mail that covers the armpit and portions of the arm where plate armor create gaps. The allbeststuff chain mail voiders offers high-quality mail underarm protection with comfort fitting over to the Gambeson. We here at allbeststuff (ABS) are introducing number of historic grades from Knight grade to King grade to choose from, the voiders will come pre-fitted with the garment under choice of ring grade you order.

We are offering our range of maille voider stitched to both Cotton & Linen based Gambesons. We use standard measurement of voiders to stitch to most of our garment, the standard measurement is enough to cover the area a maille voider is required to protect, however in case you have a different measurement a more suitable one to your need we would like to hear about it.

You will be able to browse through variety of chain mail voiders in Dome, Wedge riveted, Round Riveted to Flat and mixed with solids in different wire types popularly Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel and Titanium.

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